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Discover tools from Motivational Interviewing can be used to help your clients work through their ambivalence, feel empowered, and find their own sources of motivation to implement your recommendations.

About Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an approach to working with clients that aims to help them identify and resolve ambivalence about behavior change. In other words, it's a tool to help clients implement your advice.

MI involves using open-ended questions, reflective listening, and empathy to encourage clients to explore their own motivations and values, and to elicit their own reasons for change.

In financial planning, MI tools can be helpful for clients who may be resistant or uncertain about making changes to their financial behaviors or habits or may not be implementing the advice they paid for.

MI helps clients become more motivated and committed to making positive changes in their financial life.

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In this masterclass, you will benefit from:

  • Improved communication skills, such as active listening and effective advice-giving

  • Increase client engagement by working alongside clients and engaging them in the process

  • Enhanced client satisfaction with clients feeling a higher sense of autonomy

  • Improved client outcomes by working with clients to change behavior

  • Increased self-awareness, helping you become more aware of the assumptions you may be making

  • Professional development, gaining new skills and knowledge

  • Simple tools to use with ambivalent clients who may not be implementing your advice


Session 1: Introduction and Spirit of MI

Session 2: Psychology of Change

Session 3: Ambivalence and Motivation

Session 4: OARS Skills and Reflective Listening

Session 5
:  Engaging and Focusing

Session 6: Change Talk and Sustain Talk

Session 7: Evoking

Session 8: Planning and Advice-Giving

Session 9: Integration and Practice

This may be for you if...

  • You want to improve your listening skills and better communicate with your clients.

  • You want a set of tools to try before having to fire clients.

  • You want to learn more about MI and how it helps increase intrinsic motivation.

  • You work with clients who don't have much motivation to change their behavior.

  • You work with clients in transitions who may not think they have the confidence to change.

  • You love learning

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About Derek

I'm Derek, and I help people make smart decisions with their money and their life.

I'm a financial therapist, life planner, speaker, writer, and mindfulness coach. I help people use their money to live the best life they can, with intention. My number one priority is to simplify money matters and help people get unstuck so they can live their lives on purpose.


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