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About Derek

adventure-seeker | life-long learner | outdoor-lover

Hi, I'm Derek Hagen.
Welcome to Meaningful Money.

I help people make smart decisions with their money, by combining personal finance, psychology, philosophy, and mindfulness. I have a focus on the "interior" side of money, which is our own relationship with money. Learn more about me below.


The Real Bio

Derek "D-Rock" Hagen

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about me. My name is Derek Hagen, but my friends call me "D" or "D-Rock," which means you can call me D-Rock. All my life I've been helping people to make their lives easier. I get out of bed every morning to help make sure people are better off today than they were yesterday so that their lives will be simpler. If there's a way for me to help someone save time, money, or emotional or physical energy, I'm going to find a way.


I am married and live in suburban Minneapolis in a neighborhood that is heavily wooded and looks like we are in the country. My top personal values are adventure, simplicity, curiosity, humor, and mindfulness. Money's purpose in my life is to help me live a simple, adventurous life and learn more about how the world works. My wife, Katie, and I travel a lot in our small camping trailer. I am grateful to have been able to raft in Grand Canyon, rock climb in Alaska, skydive in Las Vegas, and run a marathon.

I didn't take the traditional path through life. I grew up the oldest of four and we were raised by a single mother. We moved a lot, living in many apartments. The thought of college never crossed my mind. It wasn't until I was 20 that I went to technical school, and then I transferred to the local university at age 22. I graduated at 25. During college, I was lucky enough to be able to present a research paper in New York City, and that paper was later published. Attending college later than most helped me gain an appreciation for education. Since graduating college I've earned a graduate certificate from Creighton University as well as five professional certifications. I continue to learn as much as I can, reading about 60 books per year.


I worked for many years in investment management and wealth management working on the "spreadsheets and calculators" side of money. I learned a lot about investing, personal finance, and how to communicate complex ideas in a simple way.

Once I started to understand more about how the brain works and psychology, especially the psychology of money, I began to understand that information isn't enough to help people. All the financial knowledge in the world can't' help us if we're unable or unwilling to implement it.

Now, I work mostly with the psychological aspects of personal finance and wealth. I'm fortunate to be able to help people who have something in between them and financial health, but they haven't been able to get by it on their own. I help people get unstuck.


The Professional Bio

Derek F. Hagen, CFA, CFP®, FBS®, CFT-I™, CIPM

Financial Life Planner, Speaker, Author, Mindfulness Coach


Derek Hagen is the founder of Meaningful Money, a financial life planning and financial psychology training firm. Meaningful Money helps advisors and coaches help their clients to live intentionally and mindfully, using money as a tool to support their ideal life. He facilitates financial health by helping people understand their own money psychology, lowering financial stress, and increasing confidence in financial decisions. Derek also writes a newsletter about the psychology of money and living a meaningful life, using personal stories and simple drawings to help demystify money for readers.

Derek has worked in financial services for over 20 years, including serving as Vice President of Investments and Planning for a prominent investment advisor and Director of Wealth Management for a small wealth manager. He makes it his number one priority to simplify money matters, using plain English. He is professionally trained in financial psychology, financial behavior, financial planning, and behavioral finance.

In his spare time, Derek enjoys playing squash, playing the ukulele, and all things outdoors, especially camping, hiking, running, and biking.


Graduate Certificate: Creighton University

Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance

Bachelor of Arts: Minnesota State University Moorhead

Economics (summa cum laude)

Professional Certifications

Certified Financial Therapist-I™ (CFT-I™)

Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® (FBS®)


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM)

Certified Meaning/Purpose Practitioner

Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Professional Memberships:

Financial Psychology Institute

Financial Therapy Association

Financial Therapy

CFP Board

Financial Planning Association

CFA Institute

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CFT-I badge.png

Contact Derek

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out. You can also schedule a phone call.

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