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Sandy Beach

Financial Psychology Assessments

Understand Your Money Scripts

Money Scripts are subconscious beliefs we have about money that are often just partial truths. We learn these while we are growing up in our family systems. Our outcomes are driven by these beliefs we have about money.

Money Scripts are not necessarily good or bad; they just are. A money script can be any rule about money that we've internalized.

Determine Your Financial Health

Financial health involves a healthy relationship with money. Get a snapshot of your current financial health. Find out if there are areas where you can improve your financial health and relationship with money.

Identify Your Personal Values

Everyone is different. We all have different backgrounds and upbringings. This sounds obvious, but it's not. We tend to try to replicate what others are doing. We try keeping up with the Joneses. Without taking the time to figure out what's important to us, we're liable to live our lives through the lens of other people's values.

Understand your values and take steps to align your life and your money with your values.

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