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How To Use the Personal Values Card Sort

Personal Values

Get the Personal Values
Card Sort Deck (and free online course)


Help Clients Discover Their Personal Values

The Personal Values Card Sort Deck provides you with an experiential way to help clients discover what is truly important to them. Using physical cards allows your clients to physically sort the cards into different piles, move them around, and carefully consider what they find important. These cards are great conversation starters.

Using physical cards is an experiential way to connect with your clients and help your clients connect with their values. Consider having a deck in your office for clients who come in, or send a deck to virtual clients.


There are many ways to use these cards; I encourage you to find a way that works for you. Below is one idea.

  1. Place anchor cards in order from either 1-5 (Not Important, Somewhat Important, Important, Very Important, Most Important) or 1-3 (Not Important, Important, Most Important).

  2. Shuffle the value cards, but keep the blank cards separate.

  3. Instruc the participant to sort the cards into appropriate piles without filtering themselves.

  4. Sort them into these different piles based on how important each one is to you. When you are done, if there are any other values that are important to you that are not mentioned on the cards, you can use the blank cards to add them. Note: you can use a dry-erase marker on the cards. 

  5. When the participant is finished, a next possible step is to have the participant pick out the top five or ten values that are the most important.

  6. The best way to utilize the deck is to use the sort as a conversation starter.

Learn more with the free Personal Values Mini-Course.


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