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Are you looking to interview a financial therapist or financial psychology expert for your article or podcast? Derek can help. I bring a fresh perspective to money, blending both the dollars and sense side of money with the emotional, behavioral, and relational side. If you want to schedule an interview, please feel free to reach out.

You can download my one-sheet here:


Please feel free to reach out to learn more:

Thank you! I look forward to speaking!

Biography: Derek Hagen, CFP®, CFT-I™, FBS®, CFA

Derek Hagen is a financial therapist, writer, and speaker. He is the founder of Money Health Solutions, LLC, a​ financial therapy and coaching firm based outside of Minneapolis, MN, serving clients nationwide.

Derek supports financial health, behavior change, money mindfulness, and happiness by helping clients understand and change their beliefs and behaviors around money, and design a life that brings meaning. He writes about the psychology of money on the Money Health® newsletter using personal stories and simple drawings.

Derek earned a Graduate Certificate in financial psychology and behavioral finance from Creighton University and a Bachelor of Arts in economics (summa cum laude) from Minnesota State University Moorhead. He holds several professional designations, including the Certified Financial Planner™, Certified Financial Therapist-I™, Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®, and Chartered Financial Analyst designations.

In his free time, Derek plays squash and enjoys all things outdoors, especially camping, hiking, biking, and running.



Podcast Interviews

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