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The White-Labeled Weekly Newsletter is a weekly, values-focused financial life planning newsletter that helps you connect with clients and prospects in a meaningful way. It reminds them that their life comes first; money is a tool.

Your clients and prospects will appreciate the regular messaging and have a better understanding of money's role in their meaningful lives.

This is the newsletter where money meets life using simple drawings. Typical topics include:

  • Financial Psychology

  • Financial Purpose

  • Happiness and Well-Being

  • Intentional Living

  • Meaning in Life

  • Mindfulness

  • Money Scripts

  • Personal Values

  • Positive Psychology


About the



Impact: Your clients hire you so they can live their life. That's what the newsletter focuses on, their lives.

Differentiation: Stand out from the pack by sending content that connects with your clients and prospects.

Time: You don't have to spend time writing content or finding/creating visuals.

Messaging: You send the right message, that you are in your clients lives to help them live their best life.

Research: You don't have to do research about these topics or figure out what to write about each week.

Training: You have access to a course to learn how to use the newsletter and to training courses to learn more about the topics the newsletter covers.

  • You are a values-focused financial planner (or coach, counselor, or advisor)

  • You help your clients live meaningful lives

  • You understand the impact of communicating regularly with your clients and prospects

  • You don't have the time (or don't want to spend the time) to create content

  • You find value in simple drawings and visual communication

  • You say "no" to financial pornography


This May Be For You If...


How it Works

  • Each week,  I send you an email with links to download the weekly content. This contains a long-form essay about money's role in a meaningful life, and it includes a quote and several simple drawings.

  • Once you have it, it's yours. You can use it as is, or just parts of it. For example, you can just use the quote - or use everything but the quote. You can use it without the sketches - or just use the sketches. You can even add to's yours to use however you want.

  • If you decide not to use a post from a particular week (remember, you don' have to - you maintain full autonomy), you have access to a "greatest hits" archive of popular posts to use as an alternative.

  • If you decide to send biweekly or monthly posts instead of weekly, I encourage you to download each weekly post anyway, to keep for the future.

  • However you decide to use the content, you are liable for its use with your end readers

  • The Newsletter is for email marketing and is not to be used on a web page or on social media

  • The Newsletter and Sketch upgrade allows you to use the drawings (with the Meaningful Money logo and attributed to Meaningful Money) on web pages and social media

  • You are responsible for compliance




What Others Say

"Through his excellent use of storytelling and a deep understanding of the human experience, Derek takes fear-based concepts and turns them into meaningful lessons. His newsletter is empowering, easy to read, and leaves his audience with a new perspective on life and money. If you are looking to provide your clients with next-level value, investing in Derek's newsletter is a no-brainer!"

Lillian Turner

"Derek consistently writes and draws some of the most thought-provoking topics I regularly read and i'm thrilled to be able to offer this insightful content directly to my clients! He helps make complex topics simple yet deeply impactful. This white-label newsletter is ideal for any financial advisor who focuses on the deeper values of money and life planning and wants to regularly communicate that but lacks the time to create weekly content. My clients love it and yours will too!"

Daniel Kopp



  • Newsletter - Monthly

    Every month
    • White-Labeled Weekly Newsletter
    • Discounted Training
  • Newsletter - Annually

    Every year
    • White-Labeled Weekly Newsletter
    • Two Free Months vs. Paying Monthly
    • Discounted Training

  • Newsletter & Sketches - Monthly

    Every month
    • White-Labeled Weekly Newsletter
    • Weekly Sketches
    • Discounted Training
  • Newsletter & Sketches - Annually

    Every year
    • White-Labeled Weekly Newsletter
    • Weekly Sketches
    • Two Free Months vs. Paying Monthly
    • Discounted Training

  • Valued Living Membership

    Every month
    • Weekly White-Labeled Newsletter
    • Weekly Sketches
    • Free Training Courses
    • Monthly Office Hours
    • Monthly One-on-One Check-In Calls


Questions? Contact Derek.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out. You can also schedule a phone call.

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