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Everyone is different. We all have different backgrounds. We grew up in different parts of the country (or different countries), different neighborhoods within our cities, went to different schools, and had different friends. Our parents raised us differently. We have different intelligence levels, different physical abilities, and were raised in - and currently live in - different socioeconomic situations. Of course people from different backgrounds will grow up to value different things.


That sounds obvious. But it’s not.


We tend to try to replicate what others are doing. We do this knowing they are different from us. Why?


In Your Money, Your Values, and Your Life, financial therapist and life planner Derek Hagen teaches you why people with such varying backgrounds find themselves chasing the same things. Gain the confidence to ignore what Joneses. Learn to align your money and your life with what’s important to you.

Download the PDF version for free.

If you have a preferred e-reader or vendor, Your Money, Your Values, and Your Life is available on the following platforms.

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