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What Others Experienced

Throughout our work together Derek has consistently proven himself to be trustworthy, reliable, non-judgmental, intuitive, and patient. He is an excellent listener with remarkable retention and inference skills that demonstrate his desire to truly understand what I am trying to say. He does not attempt to influence my feelings or values and instead teaches me how to recognize the validity of them and interpret them instead. His knowledge of human behavior and encouragement of authentic living has helped me redesign my seemingly small or unimportant actions that have had compounding effects on my life.


I started working with Derek because treating my financial health separately from my mental health was continually ineffective. For years I had tried to get assistance with deep-rooted negative financial programming but traditional mental health and financial planning professionals lacked the time and training to take the deep dive into each other’s territory that was required. I needed a therapist trained in financial matters, or a financial advisor trained in therapy. In Derek, I found both.


With incredible patience, Derek helped me unearth subconscious programming around finances that had remained hidden for years and was harmful to my well-being. We examined these scripts without judgment or shame and gently identified their past purpose. By bringing them to the light I was able to calmly loosen their grip and release them as their detriment and inefficiency was undeniable.


Next Derek guided me in discovering what I truly wanted instead. Through figuring-out-by-talking and a series of seemingly simple yet powerfully effective exercises, I easily identified the life I truly want, what is actually important to me, and who I really am. This touchstone of my true self continues to provide direction, confidence, and comfort in every aspect of my life today.


Through predictions and planning, Derek then helped me design a way of life and financial behavior system that offers me optimum satisfaction, tailored to my unique values and circumstances. This plan is ever evolving and easy to follow because of right-for-me-guidelines, simple practices, and opportunities for revision built-in. There is no claustrophobic goal-setting or restrictive rules. Instead, and throughout this entire process, Derek has guided me to self-discover what feels right for me.


Working with Derek has transformed the way I perceive my past, the way I live today and the way I anticipate my future.

-Desirée A.

"Derek does a great job of asking the right questions to get you to think about your priorities - not just financially, but throughout your life. Derek’s process will make you think deeply about how you use your finances and if that is aligned with your values and the legacy you want to leave. I would recommend Derek to anyone who wants to better understand what your values are and how your finances support them."

-Christopher M.

"I highly recommend Derek. Derek is a true financial expert who had my best interest in mind throughout the entire process. Although my financial situation was good, I found it very helpful to discuss specific situations and come up with a plan that was aligned with my values. Last year was a year of change for me and my family, with marriage, and new student loans that came with that marriage, a sale of a house without a realtor, a purchase of a house, purchase of a new car, and the birth of my son, there were many decisions that needed to be made. Derek was an integral part of making sure that our family made wise money decisions. Derek is gifted at leading you to decisions versus making decisions for you. I have 100% confidence in my financial decisions and know my future is better off thanks to Derek’s advice.

-Lucas A.

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